'Ik zag dat ik welkom was' ("I saw I was welcome") is a publication about my fascination for the term 'welcome'. A lot of people have signs in front of their houses saying 'welcome' and I wondered if they know what they say by putting the sign there. I went to houses that had those signs out to ring their doorbells. Once they opened the door I said 'Hallo, ik zag dat ik welkom was' ("Hi, I noticed you welcoming me"). I had some really nice but also bizar conversations and I found out that most of the people have some conditions before they actually do welcome you into their houses. But contradictory to what I came to find in this project, most of the people that I talked to really did find themselves to be very hospitable. This publication is a collection of those conditions combined with the conversations I had with those that opened their doors to me.