This project is about exhibiting spaces. When you exhibit a work of art the space in which you exhibit is equally important as the work itself because it provides the work of art with a context. In this project I am turning the tables, not the work exhibited in the space as the subject of an exhibition, but the space as the work exhibited. A space, room or building can be viewed as a work of art as well and thus be the subject of an exhibition. In this project I combine both my interest in exhibition spaces and architecture. By taking pictures of things I notice on building sites, I try to emphasize on the site itself, not on the work that might be exhibited there. How can I exhibit spaces without placing them in an exhibition space; by letting the spaces be what they are, by just framing what I see, collecting those works that were never ment to be works of art and bring them together in a catalogue. The catalogue in the end has become an guide for a route along all these places.