This research-project arose from my fascination for offices. I always look at the patterns that can be seen on the facades and I always see some kind of dullness. Most of the offices we know nowadays are build in the 70s and 80s, they all show repetative characteristics, as if copy-pasting spaces. The later the coffee machine, the elevator, the bureau, the hallways, the printer; all became the foundation of an office building. This repetition and dullness are what this projects' main focus.
Hallways, although repetative and unoriginal in character on first sight, are not always boring and the specific details have a visual value or value of usage, that we never notice: we always pass them without paying attention to those details. This project frames those characteristics of the hallway and in doing so emphasizes the value of those details. It became an exhibition of a hallway in a hallway in which the specific parts of the corridor are being shown: the parts that make that corridor that corridor.