Bookdesign of my thesis called 'De Beleving van een Tentoonstellingsruimte' (The Experience of a Exhibition Space). My thesis considered as its central question, "what is the influence of the environment on a contemporary artwork compared to that work of art in a white cube". I looked specifically at how the exhibition space can be used by artists and curators in new and unexpected ways. The exhibition space itself I came to find, is an important medium when presenting works of art. Artists more and more take the place of the curator and with this change of role the space in and around the work can be a powerful part of the whole exhibition. 'De Beleving van een Tentoonstellingsruimte' shows a comparative study of exhibition spaces and how they influence the art presented.

The thesis design is based on the spatial aspects of a book. It shows the reader the book as a space; through folding and by using a double Japanese binding technique, the book creates a new space within the pages. The color red shows the reader the inside spaces of the book.